Storms- Girl

Day 264 Storms – Girl [Free Download]

I must confess, it feels like a long time since I last shared anything with a bit of rock spirit, so Girl, the new single from London band Storms is the perfect antidote for all those craving something a little grittier this fine Friday evening. A real head turner, Girl is a grungy, guitar heavy piece of rock…

FMLYBND - Save Me From Myself

Day 245 FMLYBND – Save Me From Myself [Free Download]

With perhaps one of the most diverse sounds around at the moment, FMLYBND have really shocked me (in a good way) with their gnarly new single Save Me From Myself. Whereas their previous releases have been a mixture of up-tempo electronic-pop and indie, Save Me From Myself is more like in-your-face grunge rock. Reminding me a little of Wolf Alice,…

Palace - Veins

Day 236 Palace – Veins

First released back in July last year, London band Palace’s track Veins is a sumptuous slice of raw and mellow rock ‘n’ roll. A touching flashback to music of the past, Veins is a stripped-back, blues infused number that’s retro swagger and care-free tone make for a delightfully warm and embracing listen. Download Artist – Itunes

Holy Holy - History

Day 230 Holy Holy – You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog

In anticipation of their forthcoming first UK tour, Aussie indie-kids Holy Holy have just unleashed a wonderful new single You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog. Five and half minutes in length, the track is a lavish, driving slice of inspiring, grit-filled indie-rock. All about the guitars, the song concludes with a masterful guitar solo that’d make the…

Mumford & Sons - The Wolf

Day 222 Mumford & Sons – The Wolf

As promised, Mumford & Sons’ new music is a vast detachment from the sound created so effectively on their first couple of albums. Abandoning the banjos, the group have turned to the electric guitar and in all honesty, they’re reveling in its company. The second track to be unveiled from their forthcoming third album, The…

Highly Suspect - Lydia

Day 189 Highly Suspect – Lydia

There are many ways and places I search for new music every single day to keep this blog fresh and exciting, however the discovery of today’s TOTD, Highly Suspect’s Lydia is more unconventional than most. Whilst wasting time taking ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes this morning, I took part in the “What Song Should You Play On Repeat This Weekend?”…

Black Honey - Madonna

Day 180 Black Honey – Madonna

Reminding me in many ways of Wolf Alice, Brighton’s Black Honey know how to make great guitar music. With rip-roaring riffs aplenty, latest effort Madonna is a brutishly charming single that’s grungy mentality makes for a perfect head-banging jam. Not restricting themselves to the standard release format that most artists abide to, Madonna along with a b-side will be released via.…

Paul Conrad - Records

Day 177 Paul Conrad – Records

Reminding me of what it felt like to listen to Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive or Woodkid’s Run Boy Run for the very first time, Sydney-based musician Paul Conrad’s new single Records sounds like a track with a big legacy ahead of it. Luring the listener in with his Lana Del Rey-esque vocals, Records’ twisted, sultry verses are perfectly complemented by the track’s powerful and…

Sundara Karma - Waves

Day 176 Sundara Karma – Waves

Getting better and better with each new release, Sundara Karma are a band on a role. With their debut EP out today, the four-piece’s new single Waves (first unveiled last week) is perhaps their finest piece of music to date. A grand, atmospheric and intense guitar number, Waves has all the hallmarks of a 2015 festival favourite already. Finding a…

MOVIE - Misty Windowpane

Day 167 MOVIE – Misty Windowpane

Ever the skeptical listener, I had to see London trio MOVIE live before deciding that I was rather charmed by the band’s unusual, retro indie-rock. With a new EP on the horizon, Misty Windowpane is the band’s quirky, care-free, funk-infused and 80’s inspired new single. Full of colour and bravado, it’s an impressively moorish cut from…