Frances - Grow

Day 274 Frances – Grow [MY FINAL POST]

I have been holding off from sharing UK singer-songwriter Frances’ beautiful track Grow for over a week now, as I wanted it to accompany the sad but also exciting news that today is my final post on mydaybydaymusic. After sharing 1004 daily song posts dating all the way back to September 1st 2012, I’ve decided that today…


Day 273 LANY – 4EVER!

Looking beyond the slightly off-putting / cheesy song title, LA trio LANY’s latest track 4EVER! is an exquisite piece of no-nonsense American synth-pop. With its bold, clinical percussion and intermittent synth stabs an immediately appealing proposition, the song gradually matures in stature throughout, leaving you instantly craving more at its radiant and vibrant close. Similarly catchy to the likes…

Freedom Fry - 21

Day 272 Freedom Fry – 21

An artist with a rich history on mydaybydaymusic that spans all the way back to February 2013, LA-based duo Freedom Fry continue to spread their positive outlooks on life on brand new single 21. Spirited and carefree, the track plays on the idea of youthful innocence, with married band members Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyrat chanting infectiously the…

Ellas - Heartbeat

Day 271 Ellas – Heartbeat

After discovering Ellas’ track Heartbeat on Soundcloud earlier this week, I tried to do a little snooping around the internet to unearth more about the artist, however quite unusually I failed to learn anything insightful about (the presumed band) at all. Backstory or not, their only track online Heartbeat is an endearing number that’s woven piano and cello lines support the…

KYKO - Headlights

Day 268 KYKO – Headlights

Back in February, I stumbled upon and shared Animals, the very exciting debut single from 18-year-old South London musician KYKO. Following a few months of silence, we are now treated to his much-anticipated and equally catchy follow-up single Headlights. With a featuring spot on his forthcoming debut EP, Headlights is a sublime piece of catchy indie pop that channels a…

Cheers Elephant - Airliner

Day 266 Cheers Elephant – Airliner

It has been almost three years since I last heard anything from Philadelphia-based band Cheers Elephant, so it was a nice surprise this morning to stumble upon Airliner, their brilliant brand new single. Emphatic, feel-good indie-pop, the track’s casual, care-free style is a real treat on the ears. Find out for yourself below! Download Artist – Itunes

Storms- Girl

Day 264 Storms – Girl [Free Download]

I must confess, it feels like a long time since I last shared anything with a bit of rock spirit, so Girl, the new single from London band Storms is the perfect antidote for all those craving something a little grittier this fine Friday evening. A real head turner, Girl is a grungy, guitar heavy piece of rock…

POWERS - Beat Of My Drum

Day 259 POWERS – Beat Of My Drum

In correlation with the improving weather, we’re now being treated on a daily basis to a world of new summer-ready tracks designed to rock your socks off over the forthcoming months. Standing out amongst the crowd, New York duo POWERS gift us such a track thanks to their dazzlingly colourful new single Beat Of My Drum. Bursting…

Mirror Signal - All Along

Day 258 Mirror Signal – All Along

Having shared one of Mirror Signal’s tracks back in 2013, another in 2014 and now new single All Along in 2015, I sincerely hope to see a more regular flow of music from the talented musician looking forward. Now signed to independent label Pegdoll Records, that should occur in due course, and considering the beauty of All Along, I need…

Tame Impala - Let It Happen

Day 252 Tame Impala – Eventually

The fourth track to be unveiled from Tame Impala’s forthcoming new album ‘Currents’, Eventually is a magical new single that compresses the finest aspects of the band’s palatable psychedelica into one inspiring song. Packing an agreeable punch, Eventually and its three predecessors have all been of such a high standard that makes me think ‘Currents’ may very well be the Aussie…