Day 273 LANY – 4EVER!

Looking beyond the slightly off-putting / cheesy song title, LA trio LANY’s latest track 4EVER! is an exquisite piece of no-nonsense American synth-pop. With its bold, clinical percussion and intermittent synth stabs an immediately appealing proposition, the song gradually matures in stature throughout, leaving you instantly craving more at its radiant and vibrant close. Similarly catchy to the likes…

Flume - Some Minds

Day 270 Flume – Some Minds ft. Andrew Wyatt

Sparing nothing in the grandeur department, Australian producer Flume has teamed up with Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow), director Clemens Habicht and the Sydney Opera House for the release of his impressive new single Some Minds. Delivered in an equally visual and sonic manner, Some Minds is a sensory experience that tastefully steals your absolute attention. A must…

Jaymes Young & Phoeve Ryan - We Won't

Day 269 Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t

Almost perfectly summarising my love for everything electronic / pop, blog-favourite Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan’s duet We Won’t is an intelligently crafted work of musical art. With voices that melt marvelously together, the duo’s natural passion and creative allure has an almost magnetic affect on my ears. Produced with a real class, We Won’t is an exceptional piece of…

Jordan Bratton - Bound

Day 262 Jordan Bratton – Bound

One of my favourite discoveries in recent months, American musician Jordan Bratton impresses once again on his sky-scraping single Bound, the second track on his recent EP ‘YOUTH’. Blending the alluring aspects of hip-hop / R&B / electronic and pop genres all in one, Bound is a collectively, well-formed radio-friendly track that I challenge you not to enjoy! Download Artist – Itunes

Eves The Behavior - Electrical

Day 260 Eves The Behavior – Electrical

Back in January of this year, I got very excited about the prospect of Australian musician Eves The Behavior, thanks to her exceptionally bold, synth-pop anthem TV. Now returning to people’s ears with new music, Eves’ latest single Electrical is every bit as big and beautiful as its predecessor. Gorgeously cinematic, the track’s adventurous grandeur is a real breath of fresh…

Mirror Signal - All Along

Day 258 Mirror Signal – All Along

Having shared one of Mirror Signal’s tracks back in 2013, another in 2014 and now new single All Along in 2015, I sincerely hope to see a more regular flow of music from the talented musician looking forward. Now signed to independent label Pegdoll Records, that should occur in due course, and considering the beauty of All Along, I need…

Missio - Who Do I Think I Am

Day 256 Missio – Who Do I Think I Am

Following the vastly impressive I Run To You and I’ve Lost My Way, Texas-based musician Missio has blown me away once again with his incredibly moving new single Who Do I Think I Am. Continuing the personal themes explored in his first two tracks, Who Do I Think I Am is a similarly dark, atmospheric and charmingly twisted piece of fulfilling electro-pop. If…

Kwabs - Fight For Love

Day 255 Kwabs – Fight For Love

Ever since I first heard Kwabs’ music back in 2013, I’ve been pleasant gripped by his fledgling career. Now many months on, I’m thrilled to share news of both his latest single Fight For Love and the release of his forthcoming debut album ‘Love + War’ out September 11th on Atlantic Records. Back to the single however, Fight…

Bearson - Imposter ft. Mark Johns

Day 254 Bearson – Imposter ft. Mark Johns

Both unknown names to me, Bearson and Mark Johns have teamed up to create a quite luscious new single Imposter, released via. Bearson’s own label, Next Wave Records. Ludicrously catchy, the track’s tropical vibes are well balanced and pleasantly endearing, while the sweet supporting vocals from Johns truly allows this track to soar. This track is a must…

Tame Impala - Let It Happen

Day 252 Tame Impala – Eventually

The fourth track to be unveiled from Tame Impala’s forthcoming new album ‘Currents’, Eventually is a magical new single that compresses the finest aspects of the band’s palatable psychedelica into one inspiring song. Packing an agreeable punch, Eventually and its three predecessors have all been of such a high standard that makes me think ‘Currents’ may very well be the Aussie…