Day 274 Frances – Grow [MY FINAL POST]

Frances - GrowI have been holding off from sharing UK singer-songwriter Frances’ beautiful track Grow for over a week now, as I wanted it to accompany the sad but also exciting news that today is my final post on mydaybydaymusic.

After sharing 1004 daily song posts dating all the way back to September 1st 2012, I’ve decided that today this journey will draw to a close and grow as you’ll see below.

When I started this project from my bedroom in my third year of university, I had never written a blog before, and was uncertain if I would ever succeed in lasting just the first 100 days posts alone. Although it can be time consuming, I fell in love with the notion of sharing incredible new music to people all around the world, and am proud to say, I have never missed a single day since this all began.

This regimented, familiar posting structure is most likely the main reason why this blog has thrived, however, since finishing university almost two years ago, I’ve struggled to dedicate as much time as I could before to help keep the mydaybydaymusic engine running.

To that end, I have decided to freshen everything up by excitingly starting from the beginning again with a brand new blog, The Pursuit Of Sound.

Created alongside a friend (also a writer from fellow music blog Music Unmasked), we have teamed up to share our passion, energy and (most importantly) collective time to keep the spirits of our blogs alive.

With features, reviews, videos, playlists and of course, a huge amount of new music to enjoy, we hope to use our combined experience to make The Pursuit Of Sound an even better source of music discovery that I hope you’ll continue to enjoy.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has ever visited, supported and discovered music on this blog. It has been an absolute pleasure.

So for the final time, Grow by Frances will play us out in all its honest beauty.

If you (hopefully) don’t want things to end, you can visit The Pursuit Of Sound here.


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