Day 138 Eves The Behaviour – TV

Eves The Behaviour - TVProviding one of the biggest (musical) wow-moments of 2015 so far, 20-year-old Australian musician Hannah Karydas, aka Eves The Behaviour, goes mind-blowingly big on her brand new stormy single TV.

First appearing on the internet way back in September 2013 with Zen (at the time she was just known as Eves), it has taken almost 18 months for her big return, but TV definitely seems to be worth the wait.

With a ludicrously catchy and wonderfully over-the-top chorus an obvious highlight, TV is a sky-scraping track that’s lavish, occasionally discomforting production (listen out for the slightly sinister drone in the chorus) is perfectly balanced out by Hannah’s sugar-sweet vocals and understanding of what a big pop song should sound like.

“TV” will be released on January 19th via Dew Process.

Check out my original post for Indie Shuffle here.

Not available to download yet.

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