Day 52 Hudson Taylor – Chasing Rubbies [Live Review]

Hudson Taylor - Chasing Rubies

There is something about Hudson Taylor that makes me smile. Whether it’s the spirited music they create, or the cheery boys themselves, there is something undeniably likeable about the duo; so when offered the chance to review their show in London last night, I leapt at the opportunity to attend.

Not quite your average gig, yesterday saw the Irish brothers play as the main support act for Jake Bugg at the wonderful Alexandra Palace in London. Celebrating the release of their new single Chasing Rubies which is out this week, the duo accompanied by their incredibly tight and multi-talented band rose to the occasion without hesitation, entertaining their screaming supporters (and there were lots of them), whilst winning over fans anew, courtesy of Jake Bugg’s age-spanning hardcore fan-base.

Rattling through their vast pre-debut album setlist, the gig was also a chance to hear a couple of new future album tracks and potential forthcoming singles, including the beautiful Butterflies and Care, both charming, lively numbers that characterise the duo’s slick compatibility perfectly.

Recent singles Weapons and Battles also shone from the foot-stomping set, showing off in no uncertain terms the confidence and star quality the brothers posses when in each others company. Their ability to create catchy acoustic melodies with complex, well-sustained harmonies are just two things that make the Hudson Taylor formula so irresistible.

To prove in video format the band are the real-deal live, this gorgeous session of Chasing Rubies (which premiered on Clash just this Monday) will hopefully put some perspective to my glowing words.

Download Chasing Rubies via. Itunes now.


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