Day 48 Flagship – Break The Sky [Short Live Review]

Flagship - WagonBack in June, I saw American band Flagship perform their very first UK date in London, and was overwhelmed with what I heard and saw. Cherishing their ability to light-up even the darkest of venues, this Thursday I had the chance to catch up with the band for the second time, on the final date of their first full UK tour. Celebrating the UK release of their self-titled debut album (which came out this week people!), the band felt very much at home up on stage, roaring quite triumphantly through their debut album, an LP filled to the brim with brilliant singles that I advise you check out immediately. Carried aloft by Drake Margolnick grand, passionate, stadium-ready vocals, Flagship followed his exceptional lead, peaking with the likes of Are You Calling, personal favourite Wagon and today’s SOTD, the wonderful Break The Sky. If you like what you hear, download Flagship’s debut album ‘Flagship’ here.


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