Day 43 Mansionair – Second Night

Mansionair - Second Night

We all love a good success story, so the tale behind Australian artist Mansionair’s stunning new track is well worth repeating. After emerging with their debut single Hold Me Down ft. Revier back at the very beginning of the year, the song has had a staggering 1.3 million plays on Soundcloud, making it easily one of the most popular, elusive and exciting debut singles of the year. Following their unprecedented success, the original duo (Lachlan and Alex) have permanently joined forces with fellow Australian Jack Froggatt aka. Revier, and I couldn’t be happier about this decision. The trio are currently gifting Hold Me Down a full EP release (which is out today people!), but along with the old comes something brand new in the shape of Second Night. Guided by Revier’s soothing vocal, Second Night is a slow-burning melting pot of lush electronics, guitars and strings. Ebbing and flowing in separate stages, the wave of noise this song creates is so pure and satisfying, I simply can’t (but must) wait for more.

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