Day 39 Sivu – Better Man Than He [Live Session]

Sivu - Better Man Than He (Live Session)

As sessions go, this is an absolute beauty. I first shared Sivu and his tranquil track Better Man Than He on this blog in January 2013. Since then, it’s been a 21 month journey for James Page aka. Sivu from little known musician to the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Something On High’, which is out next week via. Atlantic Records. Accompanying an advanced stream of the album (which you can listen to here) is the below, a beautiful sunset session filmed in France for youtube channel La Blogothèque. Accompanied by a four-piece brass section (including this blog’s first ever sousaphone!), this delicate version of Better Man Than He see’s Sivu true passion and emotion rise to the surface. Pacing around the cliff, his haunting vocals work perfectly with the session’s sublime brass section, who deliver a beautifully sonorous accompaniment to the most perfect of live sessions. Lend this your eyes and ears below.

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