Day 32 Flyte – Light Me Up

Flyte - Light Me Up

There is an element of absolute perfection to London-based four-piece Flyte. Since they first started sharing music online just over a year ago, the band has maintained a pristine level of songwriting prowess and musicality in every new track they release, and latest single Light Me Up manages to raise that vastly impressive standard once again.

With a carefree spring in its step, Light Me Up is a charming indie number with a great 80s-inspired vibe. Full of hope, the track’s jangly guitars and lively synths contrast with the song’s down-hearted lyrics perfectly.

Distinctively British in tone and subject, the song’s lyrics do, however, take a remarkable turn during each chorus, as lead singer Will Taylor triumphantly proclaims “I’m dying out / and I need you to light me up / light me up,” a line that should, if you’re anything like me, leave you with a beaming smile by the end of the song.

Check out my original post on Flyte for Indie Shuffle here.

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