LISBON - NATIVEIn the business of creating splendid indie pop, Whitley Bay four-piece LISBON follow up their wild, uber-catchy first single RIO with NATIVE, the second cut from their debut EP, ‘Life Is Good’.

With the use of in-your-face capitalised song titles and an EP name as bold as ‘Life Is Good’, it’s probably not too much of a surprise that their music isn’t slow, mellow, and brooding, but bright, spirited, and infinitely moorish.

Although the guitars and vocals sound quite similar to The 1975 in places (which is never a bad thing), LISBON breaks down their contemporaries’ black and white image barrier, flooding their own music with a spectrum of colours, some tropical passion, and a good dosage of high-quality pop.

Check out my original post for Indie Shuffle here!

LISBON’s Life Is Good EP will be available to download later this year.


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