Day 13 Olivver – Not Going Home

Olivver - Not Going HomeAfter Bryan Sammis aka. Olivver suddenly parted ways with one of my favourite band’s The Neighbourhood in January this year, his leaving message on Tumblr stated, “I will continue to make music. I have already started. I’ve got your back. Now You Know. Love, -Olivver -ØV” Following this promise, his personal music venture as Olivver has got off to an impressive start, with a steady stream of solo tracks popping up on his Soundcloud over the past four months, including a featuring spot on Jez Dior’s track Kings/1ØØ which I covered back in June. His latest track Not Going Home is however undoubtedly his most impressive to date. With a slow rocking piano line at its sobering centre, Not Going Home is a dark, shady lullaby that’s muted aggression is perfectly encapsulated in the song’s daringly pop-influenced chorus. 

Not available to download yet.


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