Day 356 Billie Marten – Ribbon

Billie Marten - RibbonBrought to my attention by both Fearne Cotton and Stereofox, Billie Marten is a 15 year old singer-songwriter who creates music well beyond her years. Soft, sweet and emotive, her recent single Ribbon is like a delicate flower that blossoms with the aid of a rocking guitar line, romantic strings and Billie’s innocent, spine-tingling soprano. I’ve just listened to this about 10 times in a row and I’m literally stunned. This is exceedingly beautiful.

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One thought on “Day 356 Billie Marten – Ribbon

  1. Ive seen her twice now and although she is still young she has charisma and the ability to play a song in her own style listen to the track “In for The Kill” she could be our next big female singer songwriter echoes of Aleyna from daughter

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