Day 355 Battleships – You Can’t Change It

Battleships - Take Your RestI’m going to throw it out there, Sydney four-piece Battleships have never put out a bad song. The entire of their ‘To You’ mini-album was perfect, last year’s single Take Your Rest was an absolute ripper, and new track You Can’t Change It doesn’t buck the trend at all. Surfacing like a good memory, the song opens with a driving beat and wavy guitar line that gathers momentum and intensity throughout. Guided by Jordan’s soft, falsetto, the track is a splendid showcase as to why this band (despite their relative anonymity) are truly great.

*As I ended this post, I discovered via. the band’s Facebook that this new track comes with some bad news. Three band members Dan, Nato and Jon have left the band to “answer the call of other aspects of life”, leaving Battleships as a one man parade. This is such sad news.

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One thought on “Day 355 Battleships – You Can’t Change It

  1. So good to have another Battleships song to listen to! And what a fantastic track this new one is. Jordan’s emotive lyrics are as powerful as ever, invoking a depth of feeling which stays with you long after the last notes fade…

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