Day 331 Seafret – Give Me Something

Seafret - Give Me SomethingReferring to the term “sea fret” in the dictionary, the definition as some will know, but I presume many like me will learn, means “a wet mist or haze coming inland from the sea”. Hailing from the coastal Yorkshire town of Bridlington, Jack Sedman (vocals) and Harry Draper (guitar) aka. Seafret know this term very well having grown up by the sea. Cultivating this term as their artistic basis, the duo have just released their debut single Give Me Something, a track that will feature on their upcoming debut EP, also called ‘Give Me Something’, out September 21st on Sweet Jane Recordings. Inspired by their name, Give Me Something quite accurately seems to embody the hazy sea mist they take their name from, with clippets of morse code, atmospheric synths and scattered beats gifting the track a mysterious and somewhat chilling edge. This haziness is however only an understudy to the true musicianship of the track. Combining Harry’s talent for playing guitar and Jack’s honest, natural vocals, this acoustically lead track is a beautiful thing.

Not available do download yet.



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