Day 312 Rubblebucket – Carousel Ride

Rubblebucket - Carousel RideBursting out of Brooklyn, Communion signed 5-piece Rubblebucket have delivered one of the hardest hitting songs of the summer, thanks to their gloriously rich, brass-tastic new single, Carousel Ride. Featuring on the band’s upcoming ‘Carousel Ride’ EP (out August 11th), Carousel Ride starts with a bang, instantly offering up the songs huge central riff, that tears its way through the single, hooking you in at every turn. Above this mesmerising riff, lead-vocalist Kalmia Traver’s sweet, compelling vocals dance flowingly through the track, as the listener seamlessly joins the band, circling wildly round the figurative fairground ride. I’ll leave you with this great quote from Rubblebucket guitarist Ian Hersey, that really manages to sum up the band’s colourful, eclectic vibe.

“Our music is like being at a raging party, but in the centre of it, there’s this beautiful painting that you’re staring at, trying to wrap your mind around.”” – Ian Hersey (Rubblebucket Guitarist)

Pre-order EP – Itunes


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