Day 305 Return To Youth – Storm

Return To Youth - StormRather bizarrely, this introduction to Australian trio Return To Youth is both the start and the end for many potential future fans of the band, including me.

When I first heard their latest single, “Storm,” the other day, I bookmarked it as something to share on Indie Shuffle (see below), however, now that I’ve come to write a review, I sadly realized that Return To Youth called it quits as band just over a month ago, only a few weeks after “Storm” first appeared online.

Unsure what do, I contemplated writing about something else, but that would be denying you the chance to listen to something really quite special.

Describing their sound as dark, melodic pop, “Storm” follows that formula perfectly, allowing tempestuous guitars, a brooding bass, and icy vocals to combine in a sinister but sweet sounding track that will ultimately prove to be the band’s final legacy.

Check out my original article for Indie Shuffle here!

Not available to download.


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