Day 250 Chet Faker – To Me [Live Review]

Chet Faker - To MeLast Monday, I saw one of my idols, Chet Faker play live for the first time at Colston Hall in Bristol. Those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning will know and understand that Chet’s music has inspired so many posts over the past couple of years, making this an especially important gig for me. Taking to the stage as a lone soldier, Chet balanced his individuality as a performer and artist, with the complexity of his music and live performance perfectly, jumping around his fancy synthesised set-up, making sure he was in charge of everything and anything that resonated from the speakers. During his set’s ethereal opening, Chet created experimental loops by measuredly tapping on the microphone and blowing air into the microphone, ensuring that no sound was wasted during his performance. As I tend not to see too many electronic musicians live, it was fascinating to see him some-what majestically concoct such detailed music from electronic pads and synthesisers alone. Dressed as if he’d just stumbled out of bed, Chet rolled out classic track after track, bewitching the buzzing audience with his effortlessly soulful vocals and wonderful set arrangement. With time to show-off both album tracks new and EP numbers old, it was so special so see the likes of I’m In To You, No Diggity, Gold, Melt, Drop The Game, 1998 and today’s track of the day, To Me live. I could go on, but realistically, I could blabber on about Chet for the rest of the night, so I’ll simply let the music do the rest of the talking. If you ever get the chance to see this man live; do.

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