Day 244 Flyte – Faithless [Live]

Flyte - FaithlessI literally cannot stop posting Flyte. Even though I count myself as a big fan, when I stumbled across someone on twitter raving about their track Faithless last night, I couldn’t believe I had missed a new song being released. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t, as Faithless is an old track from the band, that just so happens to have a DIY bedroom recording on Youtube, that is absolutely incredible. Very similar to the live version of Harley Street I shared a few weeks back, Faithless is a catchy ballad-anthem that’s heart-warming chords and four-part harmonies are to die for. I’ve mentioned it before, but there is something so effortless about Flyte’s music. It appears so simple on the outside, but it grasps the listener on so many levels musically, lyrically, vocally and in a live setting, as proved by the video below. I can’t wait for this to enjoy a studio release!

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