Day 230 Glass Animals – Pools

Glass Animals - GooeyOver the past 11 months, we’ve made our affection for Glass Animals pretty clear here on this blog. Watching the Oxford based four-piece grow has been a pleasure, and with the release of brand new single Pools, it seems pretty clear that they are one of the most exciting, innovative new bands out there.

Renowned for their inventive sound, unusual instrumentation and quirky hooks, Glass Animals have always been eccentrically brilliant. For some this may have been slightly alienating in the past, however, I’m pretty sure new single Pools will be enjoyed by music fans across the board.

Immersed in the natural sounds of the jungle, Pools is a tropical influenced party number with an insatiable groove and infectious liveliness. Amongst its tribal drums and eclectic synths, what seems like a small choir of marimbas vie for attention in one of the most complex, but beautifully catchy chorus’ I’ve heard this year. (On further reflection, this could be the best song of 2014 so far!!!)

Check out the original article for Stereofox here!

Download Artist – Amazon Itunes


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