Day 210 SKATERS – Miss Teen Massachusetts

SKATERS - Miss Teen MassechuttsI first heard Miss Teen Massachusetts by SKATERS on late night radio a couple of months back and loved it enough to make a mental note of the artist and track name for me to come back and post online the next day. For whatever reason I forgot, but I’m making amends for that right now.

Hailing from New York, SKATERS seismic punk rock has an appealing DIY aspect to it that leaves it teetering on the edge of chaos throughout. Amongst its towering riffs, punchy drums and raucous vocals is a song with plenty of heart that gruffly asks you to lose control and enjoy it for all its worth.

Not only a lot of fun, Miss Teen Massachusetts is accompanied by a great, purposeful music video that bucks lots of trends by leaving the viewer with something to really think about at the very end thanks to its brilliant cinematic twist. Enjoy!

Check out my original post for Stereofox here!

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