Day 201 Zella Day – 1965

Zella Day - 1965Lana Del Ray’s music bores me. Her sweeping ballads always sound grand, but lack a certain spark in so many areas. Despite my reservations she is undeniably popular and will inevitably influence the music of others, and I think she does so in a positive way when it comes to Arizona songstress Zella Day and her B-side release 1965. Channelling Del Ray’s best attributes, Zella Day’s 1965 is a sweeping, romantic ballad that has so many appealing dimensions, its hard to pin down exactly where this track shines the brightest. Incredibly theatrical, the song’s classical strings and cinematic percussion combine wonderfully with hazy guitars and sugary vocals to weave an inescapably beautiful musical story full of heart and soul. Purchase this on 7″ vinyl by clicking here.




One thought on “Day 201 Zella Day – 1965

  1. I’m glad someone else feels the same way as I do about Lana Del Rey, and good pick in Zella Day, she’s great.

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