Day 179 Sir Sly – Marvin’s Room [Drake Cover]

Sir Sly - Marvin's Room (Drake Cover)I’m slowly coming around to the idea of liking Drake. Void of any real interest in the man before, I’ve recently drifted in his direction having posted a few remixes of his original tracks, with Sir Sly’s version of Marvin’s Room the latest. Guided by Landon Jacobs distinctively calm and soothing American-tinged vocals, Marvin’s Room is a smoky, black and white interpretation of Drake’s late night tale of lost love and regret. Seamlessly drifting between singing and rap, Jacobs replicates Drake’s performance style with an effortless ease and raw emotion that will claw its way into the very centre of your soul. Prepare to be blown away.

Not available to download yet.


One thought on “Day 179 Sir Sly – Marvin’s Room [Drake Cover]

  1. Cool! I disliked Drake, because i only heard his guest appereance on Lenny Kravitz two latest records….
    …until i heard “Take Care”! What an album. This album i listened too almost daily for a year. Its an ultimate classic, i swear give it a few spins and you’re hooked!
    Btw! Going to see Drake in Oslo this sunday! Really look forward to it!

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