Day 178 Alpine – Gasoline (High Highs Remix)

high highs - alpine remixBack in July 2013, I received a lovely email from a PR agency advertising a brand new remix from Australian duo High Highs. Sent as a private track, the email promised that the remix would be released the following week, however, whenever I went back to check if it had gone live, I always came up against closed doors. Having totally forgotten about the prospect of ever managing to post the remix, I unexpectedly found it on the internet last night (having been released on New Years Eve 2013), so this post is well overdue. Remixing Alpine’s Gasoline, a track I first fell in love with back in 2012, High Highs gift the song an ethereal electronic touch that leaves you floating in a kind-of Utopian dream-world once it finishes. Shimmering elegantly around the songs unique, pop-friendly hook, High Highs swirrling electronics are added to the original with a measuered input that helps elevate the originals appeal tenfold. Enjoy!

Download Artist – Amazon


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