Day 158 Dream Koala – Iron (Woodkid Cover)

Dream Koala - Iron (Woodkid Cover)You don’t have to be a great mathematician to work out that Dream Koala + Woodkid = something quite unique and special. Released in celebration of hitting 100,000 views on the video for his single Odyssey, (one of my favourite releases of 2013), Parisian producer and musician Dream Koala, aka. Yndi Da Silva has decided to cover and re-work Woodkid’s hard-hitting, neo-folk single Iron as a thank you to fans worldwide for their continual support. Gifting the song an ethereal space and enchanting grandeur, Dream Koala’s distinctive vocals and refined textures strips off any excess baggage that the original version of Iron retained. Instead, Yndi replaces the large horns and crashing drums with minimalist guitars, electronic beats and blustery synths, in a style that is now quite unique and distinctive to his own name. Download this track for FREE from the SoundCloud player below.


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