Day 154 The National – Squalor Victoria

The National - Squalor VictoriaI absolutely love Saturday mornings. On top of the glorious absence of an alarm, it’s the first time I can truly sit down, relax and slowly sort out everything that I’ve forgotten to do since Monday. Sound-tracking my cathartic ‘sort-my-life-out morning’ has been The National’s LP, ‘Boxer’. With so many great songs to choose from, I thought I would pay special attention to Squalor Victoria today, a favourite for many fans of The National, but one that has only really grown on my relatively recently. I remember when I saw this live at Alexandra Palace back in November, it was a little ‘shouty’ shall I say, but put if back in the studio and you get a real grasp of the heavenly side of this number. When the piano is first introduced, its one the most perfect moments in The National’s entire repertoire.

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