Day 143 Ben Hammersly – Pantomime [Free Download]

Ben Hammersly - PantomimeWhen I listened to Oxford-based musician Ben Hammersley’s debut EP ‘Solace’ for the first time yesterday, I was absolutely blown away by the final track, Pantomime. Determined to post the song today, I spent a little time digging up information on Hammersley and discovered quite incredibly that the backing vocals on the track are in fact those of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

Recorded in Iceland with the help of multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds, Pantomime is a glimmering piano ballad that twinkles with a simple honesty and charm that is quite irresistible. From its humble beginnings, Pantomime gradually grows in stature throughout, with layers of strings, percussion, and backing vocals (provided by Miss Watson) blossoming beautifully below Ben’s heart-warming voice.

If you like what you hear, download Hammersley’s debut EP, including Pantomime for free from Ben’s website.

Check out my original post for Indie Shuffle here!


2 thoughts on “Day 143 Ben Hammersly – Pantomime [Free Download]

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