Day 53 SVĒ – Talking to the Walls

SVE - Talking To The WallsYesterday, I made a point of stating how taken aback I was by the volume of female songstresses releasing dazzling pop songs at the moment. Making this observation with the thought that this mini-revolution had peaked, I return today to say that I was totally wrong. Completing the hat-trick is SVĒ, an artist who, despite being completely independent (no management, label or publicist) has managed to create one of the most beautifully intense pop songs I’ve heard this year. Talking To The Walls is a towering ballad that could quite easily be mistaken for a track penned (and sung) by Australia’s diamond female artist Sia. I love its tribal beat and raw, anthemic energy, a quality that is perfectly mirrored in the songs brutally intense video. This is brilliant.

Not available to download yet.


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