Day 52 Mononoke – Alice

Mononoke - AliceWith Chelsea Lankes yesterday, and an incredibly hard pick between the new Say Lou Lou track and Mononoke’s Alice, I have come to the conclusion that there is something in the air for dreamy, female artists at the moment. Firstly, to keep Say Lou Lou (who I absolutely love) off this blog today, it does indicate that what takes its place instead is something quite special. As there is virtually nothing known about Mononoke (other than she comes from Liverpool), I won’t even try and sum her up, but will let Alice do the speaking instead. The song’s spacey hand-clicks, lonely piano chords and whispering synths create a misty soundscape that Mononoke’s stunning vocals slice through with an icy beauty. The songs lyrics take inspiration from Alice In Wonderland, turning the story into a metaphor for her own broken heart. The line “Down the rabbit hole he left you alone, you call that love?” is perfectly sad.

Not available to download yet.


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