Day 13 Chasing Grace – We Say

Chasing Grace - We SayChasing Grace not only seem to have completely slipped through my fingers, but also most of the internet with their fresh and upbeat pop music. Granted, a couple of their covers have racked up a lot of youtube hits, however, the most important thing, their own music has much less coverage despite its high standard. Universally pleasing, their singles Trust and Bullet are both very impressive, however the short and concise We Say is the track that has really had me scrambling back for more. Comprising of 20 year old Phillip Plested and 18 year old Grace Ackerman, Chasing Grace (I see what they’ve done there!) have an instant likeability factor about them, and the boy / girl vocal arrangement is top notch. OK, you could say this is just generic pop, but it has put a smile on my face today, so for that alone, it is well worth the post!

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