Day 3 Shy Nature – Washout (Live)

shy nature - washoutAs a big fan of Shy Nature and the Watch Listen Tell youtube channel, this live performance was destined to put a smile on my face. Whereas London five-piece Shy Nature only came onto my radar earlier this year, I have been paying attention to the Watch Listen Tell youtube channel ever since I saw Dry The River participate a few years back. However, back in the present day, to the best of my knowledge Washout is a brand new track from Shy Nature, and certainly in a stripped-back, outdoors environment it sounds absolutely brilliant. The three acoustic guitars, single soft-padded drum and xylophone gift the track a lullaby-like aura while lead vocalist William’s vocals sweetly excel in the crisp and natural live setting. Perhaps the real beauty of this track is that it it is a hidden track, meaning that it is unlisted on youtube and can only be watched with the actual link; so guys, we’re the lucky ones!

Download Artist – Bandcamp


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