Day 2 Daughter – Smoke

Daughter - Smoke

One of the craziest things about Daughter’s debut album ‘If You Leave’ (released in April this year), was that despite its stunning tracklist, the album didn’t even feature some of the bands strongest early singles like Landfill, Home and Love, leaving them in the past and replacing them with a host of equally beautiful new singles. I suppose the sheer amount of high quality music the trio had to offer was a big shock to me. So, at the end of last week when Daughter released Smoke, a b-side single to their latest single ‘Youth’, it really left me with a lasting impression that as a collective, Daughter are some of the most impressive songwriters out there, in terms of sheer quality and substance. Dark and twisted like a lot of their music, Smoke appears to possess lifelike qualities, suffocating the listener with a painful yet intoxicating beauty. The songs emotional build and poignant lyrics are incredibly powerful, leaving me to ask the obvious question; why did this not feature on their album in the first place?

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