Day 332 White Lies – Change

In football, the term Super Sunday refers to a Sunday when all the best games happen to align into an incredible, mouth-watering schedule of top-class football. Bearing that analogy in mind, I would like to refer to today (in music terms) as Magnificent Monday. I literally have so much to post today it is ridiculous. Tracks from Saint Motel, Monsieur Adi, Polarsets, Haim and White Lies have all come out of nowhere, but in reality the biggest new release is the new Arctic Monkeys track; but I can’t find a proper link anywhere for that, so White Lies it is (hopefully it will be Arctic Monkeys tomorrow). Chillingly beautiful, Change is a mellow, anthemic ballad of epic proportions. The piano, chimes, strings and synths create a misty backing that Harry McVeigh’s gripping baritone slices through with an icy precision. A big change of pace from Getting Even and There Goes Our Love AgainChange is a magical eye-opener that makes me seriously excited about the release of ‘Big TV’ in the coming weeks.

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