Day 297 The Child Of Lov – Fly

As a music blogger I try my hardest to listen to as much music as possible everyday to pick out stuff to post; therefore I often start tracks and make snap judgements on whether they sound any good. Occasionally in this process I can misjudge a tracks potential completely. The Child Of Lov’s single Fly is a prime example of this, as I remember listening to the intro for the song a few weeks back and not listening to it in full, however, now that I have listened to the track in its entirety, I can safely say I was totally wrong to dismiss it. The songs slightly oddball introduction gives way to a heavy, soulful, hearty chorus that is full of emotion and is silky smooth to the ear. The stunning vocals, bluesy brass chords and trippy synths combine together triumphantly with a pompous grandeur that glides by with a groovy ease. Lesson of the day: Don’t just judge a song by its introduction.

Download Artist – Amazon Itunes


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