Day 220 The National – Demons

THE NATIONAL ARE BACK WITH NEW MUSIC! You might be able to tell I’m slightly excited about this fact, however with the release of new single Demons, the wheels have been fully set in motion for the release of their sixth studio album, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ on May 20th. (My birthday, how kind of them!) The first striking remark I have about Demons is its uncommon 7/8 time signature that sees the song seemingly chasing its own tail in an extraordinarily smooth, sweeping motion of intent. As always, Matt Berninger’s rumbling vocals stand out as something special amongst the band’s mix of robust synths, drums, guitars, piano, brass and strings that collectively makes The National’s music so delightfully complex and intriguing to listen to. Talking to NME about the impending release of ‘Trouble Will Find Me’, lead singer Berninger hints that the new songs on the album are ‘on one level are our most complex, and on another they’re our most simple and human. It just feels like we’ve embraced the chemistry we have.’ I for one can’t wait to hear it.

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