Day 170 Rodriguez – Sugar Man

Earlier this week I finally got round to watching the award winning documentary ‘Searching For Sugar Man’, a fascinating watch that sets out to discover the truth behind the myth of relatively unknown artist Rodriguez. Captivating throughout, not only do you learn of the incredible, hidden success that Rodriguez gained in South Africa during the troubled 1970’s , but you are also subjected to a pleasing amount of his unedited music which is quite spectacular. Perhaps his most famous song, Sugar Man was originally released in 1970 and is a superb, pondering song with a classic, smoky vibe to it. Curious in places with abstract strings and plump brass interjections, Sugar Man is a spaced-out work of genius that deserves to be remembered. Do watch the DVD if you ever get the chance.

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One thought on “Day 170 Rodriguez – Sugar Man

  1. There is so much I like about this… it is a very original production, quite left field and experimental but at the same time it has a solid melody and a great, strong vox – Thanks for the heads up – V

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