Day 166 Keaton Henson – Lying To You

Keaton Henson’s single Lying to You is a sweet, vulnerable song that’s natural musical core is one of absolute serenity. Hauntingly emotional throughout, this simplistic love ballad is crushingly sad and destructive with a frighteningly dark message at its melancholic heart. Incredibly honest, Lying To You feels like an enforced exhalation of the inner demons within Henson’s own reality in a transparent abridgement between him and his naturally distanced fans. I say ‘naturally’ because although Henson is many people’s favourite musician his extreme anxiety has meant that up until now, he has never performed live before. As of this month he has just started his first ever string of intimate shows, (a sold-out museum tour) to accompany the release of his second album Birthdays due later this month. I for one can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “Day 166 Keaton Henson – Lying To You

  1. That was very moving, I thought the simple visuals matched it perfectly – I will definitely have to check the guy out.

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