Day 137 Burial – Archangel (Chet Faker Cover)

Its been a long time since I last heard Burial’s Archangel. Reminding myself earlier today, Archangel (and perhaps more generally Burial’s second album ‘Untrue’) was a pioneering work, influencing and arguably forming the dubstep and two-step garage scenes we know and listen to today. Mixed with one of last years most talented artists, Chet Faker’s version of Archangel is a total transformation of the original, turning it from a bruising piece of electronic garage, into a soulful exhalation of human emotion, epitomised by Faker’s gorgeously rich vocals. Recorded in a butter factory, this live recording is a tranquil monster that’s humble formation from a wind-swept synth and piano ballad grows ominously throughout with an impending passion into a dramatic, beat ridden platform of unrestrained majesty. 

Not available to download yet.


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