Day 124 Swim Deep – The Sea

Debuted on Huw Stephens New Music Show this morning, Swim Deep offer us The Sea, a vibrant pop-drenched number that has an unmistakably sunny, retro feel throughout. With the inclusion of a funky organ in there and highly melodic, thoughtful guitars, all I can picture is palm trees and the beach; I suppose the relative intentions of a track that is named The Sea. Hailing from B-Town (Birmingham) with the likes of the incredibly talented PEACE, Swim Deep seem to be making simple pop, cool again. With the likeability factor ticked off, The Sea has an irresistible, careless swagger and confidence that is great to hear.

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One thought on “Day 124 Swim Deep – The Sea

  1. Hey, I came across your blog when I was listening to this on Soundcloud. Swim Deep are awesome and what you’ve written is great! It would be really cool if you could check out my music blog too …

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