Day 75 Kids These Days – Doo-Wah

Congratulations Kids These Days, you are so so good that you are now the first act to occupy space on this blog for a holy third time. Accompanying Bud Billiken and Who Do U-Luv, Doo-Wah is one of the slickest multi-genre tracks I have ever had the pleasure of listening too. Taking the beautiful piano hook from the Pixies Where is My Mind?, Doo-Wah develops the Pixies defining track with thrashing percussion, the stunning ailing female vocals of Macie Stewart, the flowing rap of Vic Mensa, the chilled tones of Lance Beckstrom and some unbelievably bright and bold horns that add a power and definition to this wonderful mix of genre-crossing beauty. With an energy and rounded sound that is utterly compelling, Kids These Days debut album ‘Traphouse Rock’ provides entertainment for every sort of music lover, presenting an accumulative sound that theoretically should never work at all. If you like the sound of this, click on the link below to download in my opinion one of the best albums of the year for free. Don’t miss out!

Download Album FREE HERE!


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