Day 70 Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Put simply, Everything Everything are one of my favourite bands ever. Their first album ‘Man Alive’ was mindbogglingly good and their return in the run up to album number two, ‘Arc’ which is to be released in January next year has gathered a startling momentum which sees first single from the new album Cough Cough reach over 600,000 views in two months alone; more than any of their singles from the previous album already. Debuted on Zane Lowe’s show last night, Kemosabe already appears to be a classic. Mastering the wacky sound that makes Everything Everything so inherently original and ambitious, Kemosabe is littered with obscure sound-bites, intricate guitar work and bizarre lyrics that play with your mind in a wonderfully experimental way. I suppose the biggest desirability of a song like Kemosabe is that so much goes on within its 3.45, you could listen to it 100 times and discover something new and exciting upon every play. In short its mental; and I love that about it.

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