Day 35 Adele – Skyfall

I am and always have been a massive fan of James Bond, so the prospect of a new Bond film arriving at the end of this month is really quite exciting. As always, with the arrival of the film comes the much anticipated Bond theme that has the prestigious honour of accompanying the opening credits. With only one person ever really in contention for the job, Adele released her Bond theme online early this morning at 0.07 (nice little touch) with the eyes of the world on her once again. Skyfall seems to have everything that a Bond film should stand for in my eyes, the huge orchestral backing, the enchanting Bond-esq lyrics and of course, a voice to rival any others. With a similar sound to legendary Bond themes such as Shirley Bassey’s, Diamonds Are Forever, Skyfall‘s class and grandeur is insatiable, perfectly translating Bond’s characteristics and ego within five minutes of musical bliss. I am always a sucker for big production, orchestral epics so this was easy to enjoy from my first listen; I can’t wait to see how this translates within the cinema!

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