Day 31 To Kill a King presents Ralph’s Balcony feat. Bastille, Emily Wood, Professor Penguin and more… – Choices

What happens when you put a large group of musicians together in a room and ask them to make music. Well normally egos will vie for superiority, musical tastes will conflict and it will normally turn out pretty rubbish. This however is not always the case. Masterminded by To Kill a King frontman Ralph Pelleymounter, Choices is the brilliant end-product of his youtube series ‘Ralph’s Balcony Sessions’, featuring all the artists that have starred in his series along the way. Set in a quaint British garden, the song builds from the simplest acoustic forms into a stunning group effort that features over 20 musicians from London’s music scene. Opening alone with a single guitar, Ralph is quickly joined by Emily Wood whose stunningly sweet voice melts the heart in an instant. Joining the others, Choices organically grows into a song that appears to show the heart, voice and soul of a musician. The unavoidable smiles and happiness that pervades from each musician within the video is really special, leaving me wishing nothing more than to have been sat in the garden next door when this was performed.

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