Paperwhite - Gold

Day 79 Paperwhite – Gold

Yesterday, blog favourites Paperwhite released their long-awaited debut EP ‘Magic’ via. Duly Noted Records. 6 tracks long, the EP in-short is an absolute triumph. Featuring on the tracklist is new song Gold, a shimmering electro-pop anthem that impressively surmises the best aspects of Paperwhite’s music. Incredibly fun, Gold soars with a charming 80′s vibe that is virtually irresistible.…

Mating Ritual - Toxins

Day 78 Mating Ritual – Moonlight

When Ryan Lawhon unveiled his new artistic project Mating Ritual last month, echoes of his previous work within Pacific Air were still extremely prominent in both his new tracks Toxins and Game. Now three singles in, new cut Moonlight offers something a little different to anything Lawhon’s ever created before, but commendably sounds bang on-trend in comparison to some of the best…

Damien Rice - The Greatest Bastard

Day 77 Damien Rice – The Greatest Bastard

Featuring on Damien Rice’s recent, much-anticipated album ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’, The Greatest Bastard is a beautiful number that is carried aloft by Rice’s raw emotional delivery and mellow, heart-breaking lyrics. Constantly ebbing and flowing in tempo and dynamics, the final moments in this song are spine-tinglingly perfect. Download Artist – Itunes

Years & Years - Memo

Day 75 Years & Years – Memo

B-side to upcoming single Desire, Years & Years’ Memo is a melodic sad-pop number. Formed around a simple set of emotive piano chords and rippling synth beats, Memo finds most of its majesty within lead-singer Olly Alexander’s soft, vulnerable vocals and lyrics. Catch Years & Years live on their forthcoming UK tour in early Spring. Download Artist –…

R I T U A L - Blood Flow

Day 74 R I T U A L – Blood Flow

Following on from my George Maple post yesterday, I have yet more mysterious electro-greatness to offer you in the form of R I T U A L’s brand new track Blood Flow. Premiered on Pigeons & Planes last night, Blood Flow is a complexly layered, brooding electronic jam that benefits from a hypnotic beat and some supremely soulful vocals.…

Solomon Grey - Miradors

Day 71 Solomon Grey – Miradors

A delightfully well constructed electronic jam, Solomon Grey’s new single Miradors is undoubtedly the best piece of new music I’ve heard all day. Perfectly balanced, Miradors simmers diligently throughout, teasing the listener with its crisp, atmospheric synths and haunting vocals. Miradors will feature on Solomon Grey’s forthcoming ‘Miradors’ EP out next year. Download Artist - Music Glue

Vaults - Poison

Day 70 Vaults – Poison

London-based three piece Vaults have got off to an incredible start for a new band. Impressing with Cry No More, Premonitions, Lifespan and Vultures, their electrifying music has turned all the right heads, and they look like a sure fire success story in the forthcoming months and years. Featuring on their upcoming ‘Vultures’ EP, Poison is yet further proof that Vaults are…